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You can choose to simply have us hand you the raw footage, or take things to the next level. All games are filmed with 3-chip prosumer cameras, by professional videographers. Take a look at our options and decide which is best for your team.


  • Two DVD's, burnable so you can make as many additional copies as desired
  • Full menus for each period
  • Game highlights done to music with full scoreboard graphics
  • Paper shot-list with times of all important plays. We mark the penalty-kills, power-plays and all other relevant plays for you, then provide times that will match the digital read out on your DVD player making it simple to find and navigate
  • Raw footage handed over right after the game
  • Highlights posted online if desired


  • Same as Option #1, without the highlight pack


  • One labeled raw footage DVD handed over immediately after game, burnable so you can make additional copies if desired